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How to start an embroidery business: 7 frequently asked questions answered

When I wanted to start an embroidery business, I had the desire in my heart as an entrepreneur. I was wondering, can I buy an embroidery machine? Maybe I could start a business.

In fact, I had many months looking for the cheapest machine and which would be the most effective to start my business. It took many days of searching and effort to decide which machine to buy.

I planned how I could market my products, for which clients would I work my embroidery. But first I asked myself 7 important questions that gave me the idea of ​​how to start:

  1.  What is an embroidery business about?
  2.  Who is your market in an embroidery business?
  3.  What do I need to buy for an embroidery business?
  4. How does pricing embroidery work right for profit?
  5.  How to run an embroidery business so you still have a profit, and the customer is happy.
  6.  How to Market Your Embroidery Business?
  7.  How to expand an embroidery business?


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I decided to buy a computerized embroidery machine after analyzing prices to start my business. With computerized embroidery machines, you can work highly efficient embroidery, but it can vary greatly depending on the embroidery machine: its complexity and functions, etc.

Commercial embroidery involves specialized embroidery machines that are designed to work with data from a computer. This data tells the machine to sew a particular design, determines the correct sewing order, indicates when to cut threads, and many other functions. In just a few minutes, the computerized embroidery machine will sew a design that would take anyone a week to craft and embroider - they work with precision and accuracy that no human can match for near-perfect quality and fulfilling multiple orders in no time. Time ensuring high profits for the business owner.

In computerized embroidery machines, the artwork for embroidery design (provided by the customer or developed by you or graphic designers) in the form of letters / designs is entered into the computer; you can see the design on the computer monitor. You can change the design / size, size, color, etc. according to your needs.

The computer transfers the instructions necessary to sew the design to the embroidery machine. Put the appropriate thread in the machine and set it for sewing and organize the item to be embroidered on the machine. The machine will sew the design as efficiently as possible.

Even without commercial multi-head embroidery machines, there are many people who make a living from home doing embroidery. They work with their embroidery sewing machines and rely on goodwill and word of mouth advertising in their locality and make a name for themselves and live for themselves as professional embroiderers.


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Who is your market in an embroidery business?

Anyone, you can market to anyone who is looking for uniqueness, or you can market to people who want to be part of a group or you can market to companies who want to create their own brand.

You can use the embroidery on uniforms for store employees, schools, sports team clothing, in schools, clubwear for different club members, gift items, wedding decorations. You can get leads.

Embroidered baby clothes and accessories are extremely popular with new moms. Your bibs, nightgowns, blankets can be embroidered. T-shirts are generally embroidered on collars, cuffs, and sleeves.

What do I need to buy for an embroidery business?

Embroidery machines (single head / multi head / industrial embroidery machines) and accessories. A detailed discussion with a commercial sewing machine supplier is needed, as well as a consultation with an already operating embroidery business near you (not your potential competitor) can help you decide on the best sewing machine.

Elements that can be used by embroidery machines:

  • Blank embroidery such as T-shirts, caps, T-shirts, visors, etc., provided by the customer or by you.
  • Work area with enough space for embroidery machines and operator seats
  • Power supply for machines
  • Quality threads, needles, backing and all other items needed for the job. Other sewing supplies such as machine oil and scissors
  • Clean and Safe Space to Store Finished Products - You may need closed cabinets to keep customer property safe.
  • Plastic bags to deliver the product to customers, preferably printed with your logo.
  • Stock Embroidery Designs or a place to digitize the designs you will embroider if you want to give customers custom designs. You can buy the software to digitize and do it yourself or hire someone to digitize for you.
  • Computer to digitize if you decide to do it yourself.

You should also be trained to address questions like how to operate your machines efficiently and optimally, the best backing to use, the best thread to use, how to deal with some of the common problems that occur when operating embroidery machines.


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How Does Pricing Embroidery Work Right for Profit?

The price of embroidery mainly depends on what your clients can afford and the complexity of the design. You must study the competitors in the market to evaluate their prices and products to charge competitively.

Prices are generally based on a rate per thousand stitches, multiplied by the number of pieces. You can charge a flat fee for every thousand stitches. This price must include all expenses incurred by you, including time and material. This is how the price of trading companies. Also,

You can set an hourly rate and be honest about how long it will take to complete a job. This can be calculated according to the machine (the time it will take for a machine to complete this number of stitches / designs), including the labor charges involved, etc. Sometimes you can charge for the number of designs instead of the size of your design.

How to run an embroidery business so you still have a profit, and the customer is happy.

Reliable service is key to any successful business, so make sure your unit operations are optimized to meet customer needs quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

You will need to know how to properly thread the machine, adjust the tensions, operate the embroidery machine's control panel, the proper placement and embroidery techniques, and use the machine efficiently to produce the optimal number of designs. Arrange for training if any areas are missing.

How to market your embroidery business?

Word of mouth is the best advertisement for an embroidery business. Create a customer email / phone database and communicate with them regularly. Satisfied customers can spread the word about the job by forwarding the mail to other potential customers.

Sell ​​to seasonal businesses as well as regular customers - There may be giveaways during festivals / special days like Valentine's Day, so they are great for trading embroidered goods.

Brochures; website and other social networks; Business letters; Thank you cards can serve as marketing vehicles for your embroidery business in addition to traditional marketing tactics such as advertisements in local media, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, or local magazines.

How to expand an embroidery business?

You can also buy more advanced embroidery equipment and supplies and improve the quality of your current work.

Quality work and courteous professional service are the goal of a successful embroidery business. If you can provide these, you are on your way to a successful business.

All this I share with you where I found in an article by a housewife, and I have put many of these strategies in my business today.

Credits of this article for Ana Maria, a housewife.


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